What Our Clients Are Saying

Feeling secure in our fully automated home!  We installed locks, cameras, light and temperature controls as well as smoke detectors that are all integrated in our Vera system.  Now we can monitor our home with our phone, iPads or computers when we travel. When we are home make sure all the doors are locked and lights are off every night and get entry notifications when someone enters the house during the day.  We even have a routine set up in case of emergencies – if the smoke/CO detectors go off in the night, the lights inside and out come on, the doors unlock and the ventilation system shuts off.  Very happy with our new Smart Home!!

Stacie K.

As a small business we needed a way to monitor the office after hours and JV Innovation set up cameras with listening and speaker ability for our location. Now we can check in if the alarm is tripped and see what is going on as well as turn on and off lights remotely to see the interior and exterior of the building. Thanks JV Innovation for making our building more secure.

Tim M.

JV Innovation and their team did an excellent job of fixing our internet connection and installing security cameras along with remote controlled lighting, plugs and thermostats.  Our home I believe was a internet/ security nightmare. Thanks to JV Innovation we now have a internet connection and security 24/7 that we can monitor ourselves.  They worked diligently, neatly, and efficiently until the job was completed.  The work was impeccable and well organized. We can now travel and have our home secure.

Brian and Patti S.