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We can arrange for local certified installers or guide you through the installation process. Additional services are available to maintain your home automation system for updates, cloud viewing and storage, installation of new hardware, troubleshooting and the development of scenes.

View Your IP Cameras Online

Now that you have IP cameras, how will  you store, access and maintain the video?  We have partnered with Angelcam to give you peace of mind - access your cameras from any computer, phone or tablet from anywhere. A safe, secure and easy to view your cameras and retrieve video.  Angelcam supports all brands of IP cameras, with no additional hardware or software needed. Feel secure knowing you can check in on your home or business while you are away! Angelcam provides a range of services for your home and business and when you sign up through JV Innovation you receive a 5% discount on all services. Click on the link to get started today!








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A Home automation system is custom built to fit around your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are looking to automate a single room or you are designing your dream home, this questionnaire will help you identify the automation features that you will enjoy and use regularly. Take a few moments to explore the possibilities of home automation.


 Update the look of your home or business  Update the look for resale purposes
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 Comfort (heating and cooling) Communication  Whole House Audio

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