About Us

Home Automation

JV Innovation has expanded its services to include developing and implementing smart home automation systems for surveillance, security and peace of mind.  The capabilities of our systems are endless, if you can imagine it we can actualize it!

  • Monitor/control the temperature, lights and locks of your home while at work or on vacation
  • Know when loved ones are home, receive personalized text messages
  • Check in on your home with strategically placed cameras
  • Set alarms and be alerted if there is unexpected movement or entry in your home
  • Have doors open and lights come on automatically in case of fire



JV Innovation has over 25 years experience globally developing and transferring engineering designs and concepts into highly sophisticated, reliable products for telecommunication, computer information processing, semiconductor markets and flat panel display markets. We have over 15 years specializing in designing and servicing High Vacuum Systems for the semiconductor markets.

Assisted in the concept and development of the On-Board® IS Cryopump Vacuum System

Co-authored 7 US Patents related to vacuum systems

  • US 6,474,080 B2 Granted on November 05, 2002 “Cryopump System with Modular Electronics”
  • US 6,318,091 B1 Granted on November 20, 2001 “Cryopump System with Modular Electronics”
  • US 6,272,400 B1 Granted on August 07, 2001 “Vacuum Network Controller”
  • US 6,671,583 B2 Granted on December 30, 2003 “Vacuum System Information Network”
  • US 6,878,005 B2 Granted on April 12, 2005 “Module and Connector Latch”
  • US 7,103,428 B2 Granted on September 05, 2006 “Remote Display Module”
  • US 8,874,274 B2 Granted on October 28, 2014 “Cryopump Network”
  • Co-authored articles on adaptive controls for Cryopumps and their evolution

Presented at AEC/APC symposiums globally on how e-Diagnostics optimizes vacuum performance and increases uptime

Member of IEEE and SEMATECH